Hydrated Lime in Saudi Arabia

Hydrated lime is one of the most widely used water treatment chemicals that have a lot of benefits . Water scarcity has always been a problem in the vast deserts of Saudi Arabia. But the government has taken extraordinary measures to meet the future needs of water. One way is by saving freshwater, and the other is the filtration of used water and uses it as much as possible for daily water usage in homes and industries. Water treatment filtration media Saudi Arabia is one of the advanced technologies that are used to purify water cheap and easy. In this method, different-layered beds of soil, rocks, pebbles, gravel and other such water filtration media are used to filter water under pressure. The water extracted is pure to some extent and is convertible to drinking water. There are two types of filtration processes; one is fast filtration in which water is passed rapidly without chemical treatment. In this type, most of the coagulants and suspended insoluble impurities are removed, but most of the bacteria are not removed. In slow filtration systems, the water is enacted on by other bacteria and micro-organism action that kills germs.

Use of hydrated lime in water filtration plants

Hydrated lime is one of the most widely used water treatment chemicals that have a lot of benefits. Modern municipalities use hydrated lime for softening of water pH, flocculation, and removal of heavy metals that get dissolved in the form of different chemicals in the water. These impurities are converted into solids that can be removed from the water using water treatment filtration media in Saudi Arabia. Thus, hydrated lime is vital to water treatment plants.

Benefits of using hydrated lime

Below are listed some of the benefits that you can have from hydrated lime bought from hydrated lime suppliers Saudi Arabia.

•          To make the water less acidic and to return its pH to normal, hydrated lime is added to it. Hydrated lime is basic and reacts with acidic materials in water to form insoluble salts. This method is called pH correction.

•          Hydrated lime is used for hard water flocculation, which turns the impurities in the water to insoluble solid particles. These particles are then filtered out.

•          It speeds up the natural decomposition process significantly.

•          It removes odour by neutralization reaction.

•          It kills most of the germs and harmful bacteria present in water that can cause many diseases.

How to find hydrated lime suppliers?

One of the greatest hydrated lime suppliers for Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, is the BMS FACTORIES. Their hydrated lime product for water filtration has all the above characteristic for better water filtration systems. They also provide you with hydrated lime Saudi Arabia quotes.


Hydrated lime plays very important roles in water purification and media filtration. It is used excessively for water treatment by municipalities, industries and factories. Hence hydrated lime is an essential component of water filtration media.

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