Activated Carbon in Saudi Arabia

One such technology for water filtration and purification is the media filtration technique. In this technique, water is passed through different water treatment filtration media in Saudi Arabia under pressure to obtain purified water for domestic and industrial use. The water obtained is a great substitute for freshwater; thus, a lot of freshwaters is saved using this technique. We will discuss coconut shell based activated carbon Saudi Arabia in this article that is used for bedding of media filtration media.

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is a highly porous form of charcoal that is extracted from an organic material having a high carbon content in it. There are several different sources of obtaining activated carbon such as coconut shells, nutshells, coal, peat, lignite and wood. It can have an internal surface area of 15-20m2/g that makes it suitable for water filtration purposes.

Use of coconut shell based activated carbon in water filtration plants

Coconut shell-based activated carbon Saudi Arabia is one of the best filtration media that is used with sand, rocks, pebbles, granite, gravel and garnet etc. It is embedded in different water treatment filtration media in Saudi Arabia to make the filter more efficient and provide it with certain purification properties. They are extensively used in most of the water filtration plants due to their high porosity, chemical reactance to toxins and high impurity removal.

Benefits of using coconut shell activated carbon in media filters

Here are a few benefits of why activated carbon is preferred in the media filters.

•          The high absorption properties of coconut shell activated carbon is responsible for the high dirt removal rate of this filter media.

•          It chemically removes chlorine from water that is added to water to kill germs but is a carcinogen itself.

•          It absorbs most of the volatile components in water.

•          This absorption technique removes taste and odour from water.

 Suppliers of coconut shell based activated carbon in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, many suppliers provide activated carbon for use in filter media. The top-rated suppliers of coconut shell based activated carbon in the region are the BMS FACTORIES . BMS FACTORIES provide all kinds of water filtration media and materials that are used for building filter plants.


Thus, activated carbon in the media filters is quite a valuable source of water purification. Media filtration systems use coconut shell based activated carbon extensively because of the properties described above. They are efficient filters for many liquid and gaseous purifications and have several applications in all areas.

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