Quartz Pebbles in Saudi Arabia

Quartz Pebbles in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait & Bahrain

Quartz Pebbles Saudi Arabia is one of the water treatment filtration media. In the deserts of Saudi Arabia, there always has been a scarcity of drinking water. As the huge oil reserves were found and the Saudis became rich, they had to find the solution for the problem of water scarcity. Thus, the government of Saudi Arabia did many joint ventures with the world and developed certain technologies that led to the availability of water for the whole country. One of these technologies includes media filtration technology. This technology uses different media such as quartz pebbles, sand, gravel, garnet and other types of silica products to filter water. Filtration by this method has revolutionized the supply of water to meet the needs because of the high availability of stones all across the country. Currently, only a few companies dealing in these stones, but it is a potential business as the water filtration technology expands.

 Water Filtration by using Quartz Pebbles

One of the water treatment filtration media in Saudi Arabia are quartz pebbles. Filtration is a necessary part of water filtration systems. Pebble filtration uses different sizes and densities of quartz pebbles Saudi Arabia to clean the water. The layers of pebbles are arranged according to pebble size and density. When coagulated water passes through these layers under pressure, many suspended particles, microbes, and dirt particles are filtered out. Although this process can not remove, many small bacteria and dissolved chemicals but quartz pebbles Saudi Arabia filtration is an important step in the purification of water. The water after filtration from filter media can then be processed further or used as such depending upon its quality and use.

Garnet & Quartz Pebbles as Water Filtration Media

Garnet is a significant component of water treatment filtration media in Saudi Arabia. Garnet Saudi Arabia is a hard rock, and when embedded into the filter media, it not only solves many filtration problems but also improves efficiency and is responsible for the long life of filter bed. The filter is made such that the top layer has the small grain-sized garnet particles, and as the depth increases, the grain size and specific gravity of the garnet particles also increase. This stops the sand from getting clogged in the PVC lines. The top Garnet Saudi Arabia suppliers include the BMS FACTORIES. They provide all kinds of material for manufacturing of filter media beds including garnet, pebbles and gravel to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

Black Gravel Saudi Arabia

Used for swimming pool treatment, reverse osmosis plants and regular water filtration systems, gravel Saudi Arabia and black gravel Saudi Arabia, along with the mixture of many other filtration media, greatly enhance the filtration process. With its ability to hold back precipitated impurity, gravel Saudi Arabia comes from the purest Quartz mines and refined to proper size and angularity to give them the necessary properties for filtration. It is mostly used as a bottom layer for fast and slow water filtration due to larger grain sizes. This also prevents the sand from getting clogged in the PVC pipes for water outlet. BMS factories are some of the greatest Black gravel Saudi Arabia suppliers. They supply the best quality filtration raw material and also other building material.


Quartz pebbles filtration is quite an effective medium of water filtration and solves many filtration problems if adequately placed in the filtration media bed.

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