Pumice (Pozzolan-Volcanic Rocks) in Saudi Arabia

Pumice (Pozzolan-Volcanic Rocks) is indeed an excellent filtration media. Where there is water scarcity, technologies for water filtration systems are developed quite rapidly and implemented for the betterment of the public. Such an example is that of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has developed its water resources through filtration of seawater, used water and by saving freshwater as much as possible by using filtered water for most of the purposes. One of the most popular technologies for water purification systems is media filtration. Filtration is a major step in water purification systems. Media filter uses silica and different types of ground rocks and pebbles for water filtration. Many water treatment filtration media Saudi Arabia are used for filtration of water all over the Arabian continent. An example of filtration media is the Pumice volcanic rock, Saudi Arabia.

What is pumice?

Pumice (Pozzolan-Volcanic Rocks) is a volcanic rock with highly irregular structure. It is a dark colored glass material which can be highly porous and vesicular. It may or may not be crystalline on the structure. Pumice Saudi Arabia is formed when highly pressurized and melted rocks are ejected from an erupting volcano; their foamy structure is a result of rapid cooling. It has many applications in the filtration media, building materials, horticulture and pet industry.

Benefits of using Pumice Pozzolan Volcanic Rocks in media filter

Due to its high porosity, Pumice Pozzolan Volcanic Rocks in Saudi Arabia is indeed an excellent filtration medium. The rough texture of the pumice volcanic rock gives it many other properties of filtration media. These properties are obtained by proper processing of the pumice rock after extraction from volcanic rock Saudi Arabia mines. Processes for the purification of pumice rock include washing, grinding and production of appropriate grain size and angularity. When used with other water treatment filtration media Saudi Arabia, pumice acts as an ideal filter medium, with its properties to hold back maximum toxics and bacterial making water drinkable and free from municipal and industrial effluents.

Pumice Pozzolan Volcanic Rocks suppliers in Saudi Arabia

Although the business of stones and rocks in Saudi Arabia is limited, these are the potential markets of the future as more and more innovations are made in the media filter technology. Used for several purposes, water filtration media technology has a wide application, and still, their use is increasing every day with the rise in the supply-demand. Many companies produce media filters of different types, but suppliers of rocks are limited. One of the top pumice suppliers Saudi Arabia that provide pumice supplying services all over Saudi Arabia for filter media manufacturing processes is the BMS factories.


Nature itself solves human problems. An example is the pumice volcanic rocks. These rocks are ideal water filters with their porous, irregular and rough surfaces. Pumice Pozzolan Volcanic Rocks in Saudi Arabia block all kinds of impure precipitates and also remove most of the microbes. Many filter services have improved pumice technology to make filters that can remove particles of micron size. With the top layer of smaller grains and an increase in density and size with the depth, these filters can make wastewater drinkable.

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