Silica Powder Properties and Benefits

Silica powder properties and benefits, Micro Silica, known as Silica Powder, also known as silica flour, is a by-product of silicon metal or silicon iron in arc furnaces, which is obtained from smoke rising through the furnace chimneys through condensation, collected from flue gases from arc furnaces. It is a severe reactive powder and very important for the concrete industry.

Silicon dioxide accounts for about 90% of the composition of silica powder, and its molecules are spherical and super-smooth, so that they are about 100 times softer than cement. Part of the cement material used in the concrete mixture can be replaced by silica powder at 7-15% of its weight.

Silica powder properties and benefits:

Properties of silica powder

Silica powder is a very soft material, consisting of amorphous silica produced as a secondary product of silicon or viral silicon alloys.

Areas of use of silica powder

It can be used in several areas for cement products such as concrete, special color, as well as in the manufacture of some flexible plastics, polymer, ceramics and some rubber applications.
Silica powder is used more projects where durability and strength are the main concern.

Silica powder-based industries

Silica powder is one of the most important materials used in the manufacturing of building material chemicals, glass industry of various types and the manufacture of pigments, in addition to many other industries. As a result of the increased demand and the entry of silica sand powder in many industries, it is necessary to convert silica sand into silica powder.

Benefits of silica powder

  1. Increase the strength of concrete
  2. Sulphate resistance
  3. Mechanical corrosion resistance


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