What is Sand Filter Media?

Water has become an essential element in our facilities designs and constructions with evolving technologies and innovative solutions and such evolvement require efficient and reliable solutions. You never know what’s moving with your water that could impact your health and your beloved ones which can’t be seen with the naked eye nor prevented naturally.  Your water could be full of undesired particles that includes but not limited to minerals, chlorine and unwanted bacteria, solid and dissolved particles and minerals, and chlorine. The necessity for clean and safe water sources derived the human kind to use water filtration methods since ages and in the mid 1700s the first water filter was patented for a drinking water purifying device using wool, sponge, and charcoal layers.

The water filtration industry has come a long way in delivering outstanding solutions since then filtration industry uses different technologies and material. Generally, any water filter media would fall under three main types Mechanical, Biological, or Chemical and choosing any of them should go through a wise and careful thought process that capture your needs and how they fulfill them.

  1. The mechanical filter use a material chosen carefully to maintain the water chemistry and health of water creatures if any like in aquariums while helps you get rid of harmful particles such as dirt, mud, uneaten food.
  2. The biological filter basically  a smart utilization of inactive material provides an environment and surface area for nitrifying bacteria that helps filtering water from nitrogen-based toxins in a constructive filtration process that is helpful to the nitrogen cycle by bringing nutrients and oxygen together.
  3. Lastly, the chemical filters is an absorbent media that act as a great wall in the way of all materials either dissolved or solid particles. The media stops atoms such as copper, tap water impurities, chlorine and many others.

When it comes to water filter media, sand filters have always came on the top of the list. Sand has always been used in water filtration as a reliable burr to snag particles. Here comes great usage of sand filter media in having a healthy and clean water cycle system for your pool or aquariums. Sand filter media is a type of water filter that uses quartz silica sand, not just any regular type of sand as it is a great filtration element in the process that filter up particles down to 20 microns. The quartz silica sand cut into specific shapes and sizes that make them more efficient in catching pool water particles. The sand filter media come in different sizes that vary between (0.45-0.55) mm.

Water filters were and still an important element of any water circulation process and they also have their advantages and disadvantages, but their advantages always outweigh.

Employing water filters in your water system, from filtering tap water for drinking to filtering water in Olympic pools and aquariums, they will bring many benefits to you, but to summarize them, we can say that their cost-effectiveness is outstanding when it comes with excellent quality, reasonable price, and long life. The health factor and the quality of healthy life in which the filters help us cannot be overlooked, as they help in providing filtered and clean tap water for drinking and filtering water from all harmful impurities that may have a healthy side effect on our lives as humans and the life of aquatic organisms in aquariums. Looking at things with a broader view, the use of filters for drinking water has enabled us to take effective and serious steps towards protecting our beautiful planet for us and for future generations by reducing the use of bottled water and the consumption and pollution of plastic.

Nothing comes with absolute perfection as the filters need periodic maintenance to maintain the level of performance in addition to limiting the ability of water flow through the layers of filters. 

Finally, if you are confused about the right water media filters solution we encourage you to consider using sand filter media as it’s an optimal solution for your water circulation with an eco-friendly impact with affordable and reliable outstanding quality. Visit us BMS FACTORIES (Gharbalh industrial company) at


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