Uses of Limestone

BMS Limestone is known for its versatility which is useful of home features. BMS Limestone comes in many colors and textures and can be used without interrupting any esthetics. Because its naturally soft, it’s easier to shape, carve and manipulate it.


Limestone flooring or pavers are used in bathrooms, kitchens entryways and mudrooms most often. Inside, it’s beautiful and easy to maintain. Outside, its airy natural and light color helps reflect light. This way, it keeps outdoor spaces like patios cooled.


These are mostly used in bathrooms due to their neutrality. Their ease of cleaning and durability they are great in kitchens.


Limestone countertops are highly resistant to heat and humidity and can last a lifetime. They can be placed in kitchens and bathrooms.


They make nice fireplaces which are naturally resistant to heat and easy to clean. Limestone makes a subtle but eye capturing stone.

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