Hydro Anthracite

Hydro-Anthracite is a filtering material used for water treatment. It is produced by grinding and sieving natural anthracite that has been heat treated. The tough grains of hydro-anthracite are characterized by their structure.

It conforms to the purity conditions defined in the regulations concerning water treatment.

Hydro-anthracite works in drinking water treatment, swimming pool filtration and in two- or multi-layer filters, where it increases filtration capacity. It is a very good option for the pre-treatment of liquids before they enter downstream equipment. Hydro-anthracite goes well with quartz sand, where it forms a filtration layer.

Gharbalah industrial company is a special manufacturer of high-quality industrial raw materials located in strategic locations in Saudi Arabic.
Water Treatment Filtration Media as per ANSI/AWWA B100-09 and ASTM E11 standards




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