Silica Sand for Padel Courts

Silica sand is used on padel courts to stabilize the turf and make sure playing conditions are consistent while keeping risk of injury low. It prevents contamination of the padel court and is able to drain water. Regular sand, unlike silica sand for padel courts, contains smaller proportions of silica. However, it’s not able to prevent contamination of the court.

There are differences between the terms padel and tennis. These terms include racket, ball, service, court dimensions, court surface, and even net height. One notable difference is that the glass walls surround the padel courts. Another is how the style of play has adapted to cope with the ball bouncing off the walls. Tennis is more technical and requires a higher level of physical condition.

The optimum amount of silica sand used in a padel court is between 8-15 kg/m^2 depending on the type of artificial grass. The low end of the range is recommended for textured artificial grass, whereas the high end is best for older monofilament and fibrillated grass. 1600kg of silica sand is the optimum amount per padel court.

In order to keep the level of sand consistent, some manufacturers recommend adding washed and dust free silica sand weekly.

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