Volcanic Powder is available upon request in 75 μ or 100 μ 

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Water Treatment Pumice Filtration Media is manufactured under high-quality control monitoring program subtracted from high purity pumice mines reaching to our factories located in Saudi Arabia for minerals treatment processes which include washing, drying and grading to meet the strengths specifications standard of ANSI/AWWA B100-09 as per ASTM E11 Test sieve standards. Pumice used in sand filters for Water Filtration with other water treatment filtration media products such as Gravel, Anthracite, Silica Sand, Birm, Activated Carbon, and Garnet. As a filtration media, pumice is used as an aggressively-filtering alternative to sand (and other filtration media) for the treatment of municipal and industrial effluents. The low specific gravity and high porosity of pumice make it ideal for these applications and treatment processes. A growing body of research has shown pumice to be an effective filtering media for drinking water.

Pumice is a light-colored, extremely porous igneous rock that forms during explosive volcanic eruptions. It is used as aggregate in lightweight concrete, as landscaping aggregate, and as an abrasive in a variety of industrial and consumer products. Pumice has several advantages over other filtration media such as expanded clay, anthracite, sand, and sintered PFA. Comparison tests done between deep bed sand and pumice filters for treating water found pumice to be superior in turbidity removal performance and head loss. Pumice is a very lightweight, porous, and abrasive material and it has been used for centuries in the construction and beauty industry as well as in early medicine. It is also used as an abrasive. There is a high demand for pumice, particularly for water filtration, chemical spill containment, cement manufacturing, horticulture, and increasingly for the pet industry.

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