White Pumice Stone

White Pumice for Water Treatment

General filtration stocks and distributes high quality brand pumice for a variety of products and businesses. Not very chemical and is silica-free; pumice is both safe to use and safe for the health of the Earth/the surrounding conditions. Polishing pumice is used a lot worldwide for critical surface finishing processes – its crumbly particles break and remain sharp-edged when processed to even the sub-micron size, making it ideal for use as a mild rough substance for finishing glass, metal, wood, leather and plastics, and printed circuit boards. Pumice is also the mild rough substance of choice in exfoliating soaps and cleaners, tumbling media, erasers, teeth-related polishing compounds – even stone-washed denim. Pumice can replace harmful plastic microbeads.

Features – high purity, low unit weight (40 – 45 lbs per cubic foot), near white colour for filler applications, consistent high quality

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