Silica Powder Uses

Silica Powder Uses What is Silica? Silica is the name given to the group of minerals that consist of silicon and oxygen (for example, quartz). Its chemical formula is silicon dioxide (a silicon atom and two oxygen atoms), and it is expressed by the chemical symbol SiO2. Quartz is the second most common mineral in …

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Slow Sand Filter

Slow sand filter The slow sand filter is one of three types of sand filters that are widely used in water  purification around the world, namely: Quick Sand Filters Flowing Sand Filters Up Slow Sand Filters First used in the United States in 1872, slow sand filters are the oldest type of municipal water purification. …

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Volcanic Stone Powder

Volcanic stone powder (pumice) Volcanic stone powder is a pumice stone powder, which is a light, porous vitreous volcanic rock filled with holes caused by some gas bubbles being trapped as it solidifies from the eruption. A pumice stone has many pores, which makes it so light that it floats on water. Most of the …

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Sand Filter

Sand Filter

Sand Filter is a filtration solution that helps maintain water (water) quality in water facilities and life support systems. Filtration is an essential component of water treatment for swimming pools, water slides, spray platforms, fountains, life support systems, and other bodies of water in aquatic facilities. is used to remove suspended, floating and sunken materials …

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Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse Osmosis Filters are best for their ability to remove a large percentage of contaminants from the water, including dangerous waterborne bacteria. These filters work by forcing water through a reverse osmosis membrane using pressure. There is no life on this earth without water. Nature does its part to recycle the amount of water on …

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Sand and Carbon Filter

Sand and Carbon Filter The sand and carbon filter is used after the water (water) purification process to achieve the complementary removal of solids and disease-causing contaminants that are still suspended and not destroyed. The sand and carbon filter is equipped with an automated backwash system in order to maintain a high level of efficiency. …

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