Calcium Carbonate

Overview: calcium carbonate is a solid inorganic salt with white color that contains calcium carbon and oxygen, and is one of the most common compounds on Earth, making up about 7 percent of Earth’s crust. It has other names such as: Limestone; chalk; aragonite; calcite. A variety of animal products are also made primarily of calcium carbonate, notably …

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What is Sand Filter Media?

Water has become an essential element in our facilities designs and constructions with evolving technologies and innovative solutions and such evolvement require efficient and reliable solutions. You never know what’s moving with your water that could impact your health and your beloved ones which can’t be seen with the naked eye nor prevented naturally.  Your …

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water treatment filtration media

Water Treatment Filtration Media

Are you looking for water treatment filtration media as per AWWA B-100/09 and ANSI standards? We follow the standards as professional in this filed. BMS FACTORIES have high quality filter media for seawater desalination plants, R.O. reverses osmosis treatment plant, portable water treatment, surface water treatment, sewage water treatment, swimming pool water treatment, industrial wastewater …

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هيدروكسيد الكالسيوم

Calcium Hydroxide

Calcium Hydroxide or slaked lime is a chemical compound with the chemical formula Ca (OH)2, and comes in the form of a fine white powder. The word lime is also used to refer to calcium hydroxide and its chemical formulation is Ca (OH)2, which is also formed by the interaction of calcium oxide with water. …

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Black Gravel

Black gravel is a filter media base, Water treatment technologies are made to purify water in the areas where water is difficult to be found. One of the greatest examples is the desert of Saudi Arabia that faces water scarcity for centuries before the oil reserves were discovered. The government then worked to make the …

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Pumice (Pozzolan-Volcanic Rocks) in Saudi Arabia

Pumice (Pozzolan-Volcanic Rocks) is indeed an excellent filtration media. Where there is water scarcity, technologies for water filtration systems are developed quite rapidly and implemented for the betterment of the public. Such an example is that of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has developed its water resources through filtration of seawater, used water and by saving …

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