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BMS FACTORIES (Gharbalah industrial company) has more than 25 years of experience in the field of non-metallic mineral mining such as Limestone, Calcium Carbonate and Silica Sand, and extracts the purest natural materials from Saudi Arabia’s mineral resources where these materials are located with high purity that makes it the best in the world. Our company extracts these materials and purifies them from impurities and process them physically and chemically throughout our factories located in the Kingdom and provide a final product that meets the highest international standards, which in turn enter in many fields of industry, water purification, drilling of oil wells and other key industries inside and outside the Kingdom.

Customer Service

Our Vision

BMS FACTORIES (Gharbalh industrial company) does not stop innovating and offering better customer service and more options for you. We have achieved excellence in communication and client attention so that “complete satisfaction” is not rhetoric. We personally inspect every product to make sure it meets our exact standards, from start to finish, from texture to size, we make sure it is top quality or we do not sell it.

Our Team

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Team of Specialists

From Manufacturing to delivery, we have a trained team to meet all your requirements and provide our customers with quality products and on time delivery.

Customer Care

Our services don’t end with delivery; We provide an excellent after sales service. We hear your queries, complains, and feedbacks. We make sure our customers are satisfied to the very end.

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