Sports & Landscaping

Are You Looking For Sand Specialized for Sports and Landscaping?

BMS Factories (Gharbalah industrial company ) are special manufacturers and suppliers for your search on sports and landscaping specialized sand. Silica sand, also referred to as industrial sand, has a wide variety of use and is well known for its use in sports field application and landscaping purposes. Due to its natural controlled particle size, silica sand offers a stabilizing base with outstanding compaction properties and drainage capabilities. In sports, silica sand is used for stabilization in infill free or so-called non-filled systems, as well as an important part of the performing top layer when topped off with infill granules in a 3G artificial grass system. When used in landscaping, silica sand provides a stable layer of sand in the artificial turf which helps to keep the turf in place and makes the surface look as natural as possible.

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