Quartz Pebbles in Saudi Arabia

Quartz Pebbles in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait & Bahrain

Quartz Pebbles Saudi Arabia is one of the water treatment filtration media. In the deserts of Saudi Arabia, there always has been a scarcity of …

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Pumice (Pozzolan-Volcanic Rocks) in Saudi Arabia

Pumice (Pozzolan-Volcanic Rocks) is indeed an excellent filtration media. Where there is water scarcity, technologies for water filtration systems are developed quite rapidly and implemented …

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Hydrated Lime in Saudi Arabia

Hydrated lime is one of the most widely used water treatment chemicals that have a lot of benefits . Water scarcity has always been a …

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black gravel

Black Gravel

Black gravel is a filter media base, Water treatment technologies are made to purify water in the areas where water is difficult to be found. …

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Activated Carbon in Saudi Arabia

One such technology for water filtration and purification is the media filtration technique. In this technique, water is passed through different water treatment filtration media …

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Silica Powder Properties and Benefits

Micro Silica, known as Silica Powder, also known as silica flour, is a by-product of silicon metal or silicon iron in arc furnaces, which is …

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هيدروكسيد الكالسيوم

Calcium Hydroxide

Calcium Hydroxide or slaked lime is a chemical compound with the chemical formula Ca (OH)2, and comes in the form of a fine white powder. …

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water treatment filtration media

Water Treatment Filtration Media

Are you looking for water treatment filtration media as per AWWA B-100/09 and ANSI standards? We follow the standards as professional in this filed. BMS …

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The Characteristics of Frac Sand

The Characteristics of High-Quality Frac Sand

The Characteristics of High-Quality Frac Sand Oil well drilling Crystalline silica ISO 13503-2:2006 What’s in Frac Sand? Frac sand is a naturally occurring crystalline silica …

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What is Sand Filter Media?

Water has become an essential element in our facilities designs and constructions with evolving technologies and innovative solutions and such evolvement require efficient and reliable …

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Calcium Carbonate

Overview: calcium carbonate is a solid inorganic salt with white color that contains calcium carbon and oxygen, and is one of the most common compounds …

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