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Our Mission is to extract high quality minerals to develop Water Treatment Filtration Media & the Industrial Raw Materials for Building Products

BMS  FACTORIES treasures quality very much, our quality control system keep up enjoy a high reputation among customers for our high-grade and stable products.

As common as some people may think silica sand or calcium carbonate may be, it takes our uncommon expertise, experience, and resources to meet the demanding requirements of today’s industries that rely on silica sand and calcium carbonate for their everyday production and operation.

BMS FACTORIES Filtration Media (silica sand and gravel) are nature’s own natural filter media. They are carefully washed, sized and graded to meet the stringent specifications of AWWA B-100/09 and meet ANSI standards for consistently uniform and chemically inert filter media.

BMS Factories (Gharbalah Industrial Co.)


ASTM E11 TEST SIEVE & ANSI / AWWA B100/09 Standards

BMS Factories (Gharbalah Industrial Co.) Have over 14 Main Products and 10s of Sub-Products To Cover All Your Project Needs From Construction To Water Treatments.

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