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Water Treatment Garnet solves a major filtration problem. 

A properly designed multi-media filter system contains filter media of large grains on top and small grains on the bottom of the filter and provides superior performance even after many backwashings. 

The solid substances getting into the entire filter bed result in increased solids storage, longer filter runs and higher filtration rates.

 This stable condition of large grains above finer one is achieved by the use of filter material of different size and specific gravities.

 Garnet has a high specific gravity provides unique filter design. 

Garnet, in combination with other filter media, provides higher flow rates, higher loading and better filtration. 

The high hardness of Garnet reduce attrition and extends the life time of the filter bed and provides for years of reliable service.

 Garnet is an excellent support bed for other high density medias.

Garnet is used in sand filters for Water Filtration with other water treatment filtration media products such as Gravel, Anthracite, Silica Sand, Birm, Pumice and Activated Carbon

Our filter garnet is a high hardness, high density granular filter media. 

It can be used extremely effectively as the lower layer in a dual media filter system – in conjunction with sand, gravel and occasionally filter coal. 

With characteristics such as high specific gravity as well as chemical and abrasion resistance, our filter garnet is ideal for water filtration.