Volcanic Stone Powder

Volcanic stone powder (pumice)

Volcanic stone powder is a pumice stone powder, which is a light, porous vitreous volcanic rock filled with holes caused by some gas bubbles being trapped as it solidifies from the eruption. A pumice stone has many pores, which makes it so light that it floats on water. Most of the pumice’s pores are very small and not connected to each other, so no oil, water, or gas can flow through this rock.

How is volcanic stone (pumice) formed?

Volcanic stone (pumice) forms when a volcano spews out extremely hot and pressured rock. Underwater volcanic eruptions cool rapidly and the unusual foamy formation of pumice due to freezing of bubbles occurs upon simultaneous rapid cooling and rapid pressure drop.

volcanic stone habitat (pumice)

Pumice can be found all over the world due to continental volcanic events and undersea volcanic events, and its most important habitat is the Lipari Islands on the shores of Italy.

Volcanic stone (pumice)

Because of the versatility of volcanic stone (pumice), crushers are used to achieve the desired grades of it, which range from agglomeration, coarseness, mediumness, fineness, and powderiness. Its multiple uses include several areas:

The medical field:

In the ancient medical industry, pumice, ground with other herbal ingredients, was used to treat gallbladder cancer and urinary tract difficulties, and to treat ulcers often on the skin and cornea.

In psychiatry, a pumice stone is used to relieve anxiety and to promote emotional calm and relaxation. Some also think that it has spiritual effects on the human mind, eliminating negative thoughts and stimulating creativity.

Industrial field:

The pumice stone is used as an abrasive material and is used in polishing, the manufacture of pencil erasers, paint preparations, and the production of stone-washed jeans.

In the early book industry, pumice was also used to prepare parchment paper and leather binding.

The industrial use of pumice stone is also in water filtration, chemical spill containment, cement manufacturing, gardening, and pet manufacturing.

When ground into a powder, pumice is also used for industrial cleaning purposes.

 A pumice stone, sometimes attached to a handle, is an effective cleaning tool for removing scale, rust, hard water rings, and other stains on porcelain fixtures in homes (such as bathrooms).


Health and cosmetic field:

In ancient Egypt, it was common to remove all body hair to control lice and as a personal hygiene ritual using creams, razors, and pumice stones.

Finely ground pumice is added to some toothpastes as a coating, similar to Roman use, that easily removes plaque buildup due to its abrasive property.

Pedicures in ancient China used pumice stones.

Today, various shapes of pumice pieces are found in home bathrooms, and in beauty salons, for use during the pedicure process to remove dry and excess skin on the bottom of the feet, to remove stubborn dirt, or to remove unwanted hair as well.

agricultural field:

Pumice contributes to soil fertility in areas where it is naturally present in the soil due to volcanic activity, because good soil requires sufficient water and nutrient loading as well as little pressure to allow for easy gas exchange.

Plant roots require constant transport of carbon dioxide and oxygen to and from the surface, so pumice improves soil quality due to its porous properties.

Another benefit of inorganic pumice rock is that it does not attract or host fungi or insects.

Using pumice creates ideal growing conditions for plants such as cacti and succulents because it increases water retention in sandy soils and reduces the density of clay soils to allow more gases and water to be transferred to the roots.

Adding pumice to the soil improves and increases vegetation as the roots of the plants make slopes more stable and thus helps reduce erosion.

A pumice stone is often used on roadsides, ditches, and on lawn and golf courses to preserve turf cover and flatness that can disintegrate due to large amounts of traffic and pressure.


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