Sterilized Play Sand

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Sterilized Play Sand for Children

Sterilized play sand for children is one of the most enjoyable activities. It offers great benefits to children in addition to fun, as it enhances the skills of feeling, forming, digging, and building, and it also works to strengthen their muscles while playing, as they can dig trenches, make holes, build mountains, and make cakes. So all it takes is an empty space containing our sterilized play sand.

Enhancing Children’s Skills

Parents can enhance their child’s various skills by urging them to play with sand, as playing in the sand contributes to strengthening each of the following skills:

Motor skills: playing in the sand helps in enhancing the child’s fine motor skills, such as the skills needed to use a small shovel to play, pull a truck, or build a castle or trench.

Sensory skills: by burying themselves in the sand, children can sense their physical position in the sand or the sense of their bodies in relation to space.

Language skills: the child’s language skills can be strengthened through writing on sand, and parents can also benefit from this language play by asking questions to children.

Social skills: playing with sand enhances the child’s ability to solve problems, participate, and communicate because playing with sand provides a limited amount of space and games that children must participate in, in order to build a castle together.

Builds Attention and Focus

Playing with sand helps build interest and focus in the child, as children, in general, have difficulty focusing on one task for more than a few minutes. While they can do this by playing with sand, playing with sand provides children with an opportunity to do a variety of different things within the same activity, Thus, it broadens the scope of their interests, for example, children can play with trucks through the sand, then move to dig in the sand, and then start building a castle together, and in general, doing these activities helps in enhancing the child’s focus, and improves and enhances their cognitive processes.


Sterilized sand play for children is one of our most important products and its advantages are:

  1. Stimulates blood circulation.
  2. Dustless and therefore harmless to the respiratory system.
  3. It does not develop microorganisms.
  4. It does not cause allergies.
  5. Retains its properties even if it is wet.
  6. It does not stick to hands or clothes.
  7. It does not require special storage conditions.
  8. Odorless.
  9. Washed.
  10. Thermally dried.
  11. Sterile
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