Volleyball Sand

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Volleyball Sand (silica sand)

If you’re looking for high-quality, blended sand for volleyball court, you should look at BMS FACTORIES silica sand. BMS FACTORIES sand offers fantastic penetrometer and infiltration rates, allowing the sand to drain quickly, avoid compaction, and improve playability.

Volleyball Sand (silica sand)

When BMS FACTORIES  manufacturing  volleyball sand, our factories ensure the sand is clean, washed, and ground to meet sand court specifications. You can rest assured knowing that we deliver only the highest quality, most consistent sand to our volleyball clients and facilities.

Whether you’re building a new sand volleyball court from scratch, or simply need to revitalize your existing court, we’re here to help. For more information on finding the best volleyball sand for your court and to receive a quote, please contact us . 

Sand has become a passion of ours due to the fact that we have seen so many beautiful volleyball courts over the years with horrible sand. Building a beach volleyball court with bad sand typically results in a court which doesn’t get used. Most volleyball players new and experienced don’t like to play beach volleyball in a cloud of dust or in sand that cuts up their knees and elbows.
You will want to deposit one to two feet of volleyball sand over the area prepped for drainage and rake level. Your budget may dictate the depth of sand used but keep in mind if you go with a lesser depth, plan on raking or shoveling back sand from the middle of your “dished out court” to the sides about once a week or more (depending on how often the court is used).
The playing area alone will consume approximately 100+ tons of sand at a depth of approximately 12 inches. Many customers purchase between 100-300 tons per court depending on the size of their court and the depth they prefer. ( For more detailed information and pricing)
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