Hydro Anthracite

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HYDRO-ANTHRACITE MEDIA is a filtering material designed for water treatment, produced by the grinding and sieving of natural anthracite previously put through heat treatment. The structure characterizes the very tough grains of this filter material. HYDRO-ANTHRACITE conforms to the purity conditions defined in the regulations concerning mineral products used in water treatment for human consumption. HYDRO-ANTHRACITE is an economical, reliable system requiring minimized maintenance thanks to the stability of the grains. HYDRO-ANTHRACITE is essentially used in the upper layers of dual-layer filters. It can also be used as a single layer filter to deal with certain specific water treatment issues.

The use of HYDRO-ANTHRACITE MEDIA in filters with several layers results in:
• improved filtration efficiency by the increased solid matter retention capacity of the filter bed in the course of in-depth filtration.
• improved and more stable quality of the filtering process by the use of a fine particle size filtering material in the lower layer.
• economic advantage because of the longer filtration lifecycle, reduced washing water consumption, without requiring a larger plant.

HYDRO-ANTHRACITE is used in open or closed filters for:

• well, spring or surface water filtration when the water contains suspended solids.
• filtration of water containing a large amount of suspended matter for iron removal or biological or catalytic manganese removal.
• flocculation water filtration with or without flocculation additive (downstream of a decanter or flotation or with flocculation on a filter).
• decarbonized water filtration directly downstream of a reactor.
• industrial water (cooling or process) filtration.
• swimming pool water filtration: take into consideration the possible chlorine removal effect up to fouling of the adsorbent surface.
• multilayers of chemically active filtering materials to protect their contact surfaces.
• filtration of physically and/or biologically pretreated residual water.
• increased safety regarding piercing because the lifecycle through piercing is greater than that controlled by a head loss.

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