Volcanic Rock/Pumice

Volcanic Powder is available upon request in 75 μ or 100 μ 

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Volcanic Rock is used as Industrial Raw Materials with other industrial raw material products such as Silica Flour, LimestoneAggregateQuicklimeCalcium Carbonate, Talc, and Abrasives. Volcanic Rocks used in many ways in industrial use, it can be said that in building the most used are: the board, sandstones, conglomerates, and aggregates. There are also calcareous clays for cement manufacturing, limestone, and the flint. In the same way, volcanic stones like marble are found; which by the way is one of the most valuable rocks since antiquity for its property of being completely or partially polished. With it you can make sculptures, cover buildings, decorate houses, among many other things. Pumice is a volcanic rock used for manufacturing. Most notably for the production of internal insulation and household cleaners. Also, pumice and Lava ash are used to build dams along with blacktops. Most volcanic rocks share a number of common minerals. Differentiation of volcanic rocks tends to increase the silica (SiO2) content.

Lava rocks and stones are used in filtration systems for ponds and artificial wetlands where they clean the water. The porous material of the stones allows beneficial bacteria to grow easily and naturally. When water passes through the lava rocks, the bacteria remove the toxins from the liquid and purify it for further use in, for instance, groundwater replenishment and as garden watering resources. Granite is an igneous-plutonic rock, medium to coarse-grained that is high in silica, potassium, sodium, and quartz but low in calcium, iron, and magnesium. It is widely used for architectural construction, ornamental stone and monuments. Pumice is an igneous volcanic rock, it is a porous, brittle variety of rhyolite and is light enough to float. It is formed when magma of granite composition erupts at the earth’s surface or intrudes the crust at shallow depths. It is used as an abrasive material in hand soaps, emery boards, etc.

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