Valley Gravel

Valley Gravel or pebbles are natural gravel. Black pebbles are called natural gravel which is extracted from our quarries in the Kingdom and transported to the factory of the sifting industry where it is purified from impurities and treated physically and chemically. Then sorting, classifying, and filtering it according to international standards. It can be used with high efficiency in medium and small size sand filters.

Valley Gravel or pebbles are natural gravel. It is a natural substance that forms under the influence of wind and destroys rocks. Depending on the type of occurrence, it may be a mountain (or valley), river, sea lake, or even glacier. The mountain gravel has a slightly rough surface. It contains clay, dust, sand, organic matter, and other impurities. If the percentage of sand exceeds 25-40%, this is a sand-gravel mixture. Slightly cleanest in the sea and river gravel composition. But at the same time, it is smoother, and therefore it is characterized by poor adhesion with the binding agent. Usually, designers choose mountain gravel, because its technical qualities are somewhat better than other types. It is used for road construction, foundations and backfill in various locations, and to obtain roofing materials. Pebbles are of different shades: black, yellow, white, gray, blue, brown, and pink. Its color may vary somewhat under the influence of light or moisture. That is why it is popular in landscape design: when designing summer cottages, paving garden paths, placing flower beds, etc.

Depending on the natural origin and the method of mining, there are several types of gravel. Natural gravel is characterized by a loose structure and a dull, irregular color. Thus, the modern industry has mastered the production of natural gravel from any rocks of a specific color, shape, and grain, capable of meeting any requirements of the modern construction market. Gravel is used for making lightweight concrete, in improving parks and playgrounds, in the road apparatus, as an element of sewage systems, in landscape design, for filmmaking decorative coating, and filtration of pure water in springs and wells.

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