Black Gravel

Black gravel is a filter media base, Water treatment technologies are made to purify water in the areas where water is difficult to be found. One of the greatest examples is the desert of Saudi Arabia that faces water scarcity for centuries before the oil reserves were discovered. The government then worked to make the country open for business and provide world-class facilities in its cities. Water scarcity, a major problem, was solved by many filtration techniques that were used to filter used water and to save as much freshwater as possible. Water treatment filter media Saudi Arabia has become one of the most successful water filtration systems. It consists of stone beds that have stones, sand, gravel and other silica products that are crushed to a different size, densities and angularities as per required by the needs of the filter.

Use of Gravel in filter plants

Media filtration systems use gravel Saudi Arabia and black gravel Saudi Arabia as filter media base. The beds for water filtration media are made up of different layers of gravel. Thus, the top layers usually consist of gravel with small size and specific gravity and the gravel at the bottom contain larger stones. Some of the advantages of using gravel from the BMS factories in filtration plants are:

•          Gravel beds used as water treatment filtration media can block most of the insoluble impurities present in the water.

•          It removes particle impurities and coagulants that make the water hard.

•          Another advantage is that the gravel stones are hard and do not allow sand to pass through them. This helps to stop the flow of sand into the PVC pipes, thus preventing clogging of these pure water pipes with sand.

Gravel crusher

While installing different layers of gravel into the bed of a media filter, a gravel crusher is needed to process the stones to suitable sizes. Such machines have many types and varieties.

Jaw crusher

A jaw crusher is a machine that is used for crushing huge rocks into small bits by using compressive mechanical force on them. This force is produced by a jaw that consists of a fixed and a movable part. The chamber in which the rocks are placed for crushing is called the crushing chamber. This gravel Saudi Arabia crusher can reduce the size of gravel up to 5 times the original size of the stone.

Gyratory crusher

A gyratory crusher is another gravel crusher that can be used to crush black gravel, Saudi Arabia. It consists of a cup into which rocks are fed. There are partially rotating crushers that grind the stones, which then leave the cup through a hole in the bottom that defines the maximum gravel size. This crusher reduces the gravel size to about 5-7 times the size of the original grain.

Other types of gravel crushers also include cone crusher and compound crushers.


Gravel crushers are really important when you want to resize the grain of your filter bed, gravel being an important element for filter media of both slow and fast water processing and filtration.

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