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Water Treatment Anthracite Media is manufactured though an active statistical processing control program monitoring material by the process of washing, drying and grading as per stringent specifications standard of ANSI/AWWA B100-09 and ASTM E11 test sieve standards.

Anthracite Media are filtration materials for turbidity and SS removal. Since the specific gravity is lighter than that of Filter Sand, it is much used in combination with Filter Sand in dual-media filtration, to consist reverse grain layers after backwashing. Because of high content carbon of this product, it has high resistance to various chemicals and high physical strength so that it is widely used for city and industrial water purification. Anthracite used in sand filters for Water Filtration with other water treatment filtration media products such as Gravel, Activated Carbon, Silica Sand, Birm, Pumice and Garnet. It is specifically selected for water treatment, and during its production goes through several sizing inspections. Because of its angular shape, some of the sediment penetrates deeper into the bed. When compared to equivalent filter sands, this means longer filter runs and less head loss. Backwash rates are also reduced. Because of its unique density, Anthracite can be used in multi-media filters. At 50 lbs/ft3, it will hydraulically classify and remain above heavier media such as Filter Sand or Manganese Greensand, providing a prefiltration layer.

Its uses: The primary use of this energy is to produce electricity. The production of electricity by burning coal gives two thirds of the electricity consumed in the world. It is also one of the largest sources of unnatural CO2 emissions (i.e. as a result of human practices). Coal is also used in the production of coke, which is an essential material in the iron industry as well. Other materials produced from the production of coke production can be used to make shoes and fertilizers. It is also used in coordination, filtering, water and coloring.

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