Beach Sand


Health benefits include walking, a sport with bare feet on the dry sand of the sea, specifically. It activates the sweat and nerve glands at the bottom or soles of the feet, which helps to release the negative energy in the body, and feel relaxed. Also, jogging or walking on the sand in the sea strengthens the muscles of the feet and legs. Because walking on a crumbling ground such as the sand of the sea requires more muscular effort, compared to walking on a hard surface such as roads, sidewalks, and others.

Seashore sand aesthetic benefits: Sea sand helps exfoliate the skin, purify it, and give it a smooth texture when rubbed with it in a gentle way. It is recommended to rub sand on the hands and feet in a circular manner, and rubbing sand on the skin will remove cellulite and fatty deposits under the skin. 

Hot sand bath: The Japanese are the first people to invent a method or recipe (hot sand bath), which is considered the oldest and most famous in the world. The body is completely buried in the dry and hot sands of the sea except for the head for a period of time, then we go swimming in the sea. This method contributes to eliminating joint pain, muscle spasms, and rheumatic pain. It also helps treat some skin diseases.

Benefits of beach sand for children: Playing in the sand in the sea contributes to enhancing their perceptual senses. It also strengthens the muscles of their hands and arms. Playing with sand provides a suitable opportunity for the mother to discover her child’s special taste in making specific shapes of sand. You can determine his psychological state if you carefully meditate on the scenes that he forms using sea sand. Also, his participation with another group of children while playing contributes to developing his ability to communicate with the group. The mother is advised to share her child’s play when there are no children of the same age group and to make sure to provide the necessary tools for him, such as molds and a bucket. Playing with sand helps build interest and focus in the child, as children generally have difficulty focusing on a single task for more than a few minutes, while they can do so by playing with sand since playing with sand provides children with an opportunity to do a variety of different things within the same activity. Thus, it broadens the range of their interests, for example, children can play with trucks through the sand, then go to dig in the sand, and then start building a castle together. In general, doing these activities helps in enhancing the child’s focus, and improves and enhances their cognitive processes.

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